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Hi Bill!

Apologies for not getting back to you sooner to let you know the outcome but I have pondered your advice and researched.

As my PlusNet contract was due I contacted them and they again agreed the speed was not acceptable but the problem was at the exchange and so they would continue at the same price.
So I tentatively ask about fibre! I was told I would be passed onto the customer renewal but that I was to say….. this this and this to get a good deal as I was having to consider fibre through no fault of my own!
Initially they offered £15.99 per month for Broadband only and eventually we agreed £12 .99 (incl Anytime calls £7) broadband fixed for 18 months £5.99 per mth – that’s £2.99 more than current contract(Line Rental up front as its slightly cheaper)

I was a little dubious at first but after a week, today………….. I have reached the dizzy heights of download 38mbps and upload of 10.7mbps!!!!!!!!!! No doubt this will settle down over the next few days. Their minimum is 34mbps but should be around 38-40mbps on the basic fibre.

So a result!

Just to say many thanks to you as I had wondered the fault may have been here. It does pay for people to beat them down on price so I will shop around in 18mth time or remind them why I had to change!

Well done.

Much appreciated.

Caroline Horrabridge January 18, 2019