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Self Contained IP PBX (VOIP Telephone System)

self contained IP PBX VOIP phone system

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This is the IP phone system mounted in a suitcase I carry in my van for demonstration purposes, showing the system to potential customers. But it is still a fully functioning 3 line IP PBX, just happens to mounted in a case. It has it’s own power supply and Internet connection using the 4G or 3G mobile network. I can also connect it to your own regular Broadband and make or receive up to 3 simultaneous calls, using my 01752 266464 telephone number.

Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a protocol that enables transmission of speech over the internet or other IP packet-switched networks.

VoIP converts the voice signal from a telephone into a digital signal that travels over the IP Network, then converts it back at the other end. Now widely accepted, VoIP technology is being rapidly installed and is now a core part of all new telephone systems.

VoIP is undoubtedly the future of telephony, now offering capability, flexibility, quality and resilience that are a far cry from the limitations of earlier systems.

Many features and advantages make it the ideal business solution:

VoIP provides a lower cost alternative to the traditional networks Call costs for businesses, systems are substantially lower than ISDN, VoIP is scalable on an individual channel basis and extra phones can be added without additional telephone cabling.

For multi-site organisations all internal phones can be on the same network, so calls between sites within the organisation are free.

Number portability is assured and simple, even when moving long distance.

Conference calling, call forwarding and caller ID are all low-cost or free features.

Integration with other services such as voicemail to email.

VoIP technology has now matured to offer comparable if not more dependability than traditional ISDN type services.
This, combined with low lifetime cost is presenting decision makers with a compelling business case.

Relocating your business? Moving house?
“Sorry, you can NOT take your number with you.”
In most cases, YES YOU CAN…!

Need extra telephone lines?
Using your broadband you can have them much sooner, and very much cheaper…!

Analog Phone Systems

Panasonic KX-TEA 308 – Up to 8 users
The Panasonic KX-TEA308 has a wealth of vital features, coming fully configured as three lines and eight extensions. The KX-E308 will accommodate single line devices such as POTS, cordless etc. as well as proprietary key telephones which utilise system features to a maximum. There is a choice of three telephones for the system, the KXT 7720, KXT 7750 and top of the range KXT 7730 handset. More…
Panasonic 308 Telephone System
Panasonic KX-TES 824 – Up to 24 users
The Panasonic KX-TES824 telephone system bundle is aimed and was created specificallly for small to medium businesses. The Panasonic KX-TES824 telephone system provides many features that are rarely available for products in this part of the market. Caller Line Identification increases effieciency and voice processing (optional) integration improves productivity. Easy to expand and with auto attendant available it helps to direct callers to their desired destination! Maximum of 8 lines 24 extensions. More…
Panasonic 824 Telephone System
Orchid PBX206 – Up to 6 users
The Orchid PBX206 is a great value for money, easy install, entry level small business telephone system (PBX). It accomodates up to 2 telephone lines and provides up to 6 extensions. Key Features include Auto attendant and Call Barring. For full feature list see More…
Orchid PBX206 - Up to 6 users
Orchid PBX308+ – Up to 8 users
The Orchid PBX308+ is a great value for money, easy install, entry level small business telephone system (PBX). The PBX308+ accomodates up to 3 telephone lines and provides up to 8 extensions. Key features include 99 system phone number memories, Auto attendant, Auto Fax Detect,Caller ID Compatible and many more.
For full list of features see
Orchid PBX308+ - Up to 8 users