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Independent ex-BT Telephone Engineer 01752 266464 or 07732 491809

Carlisle Telephone Engineer

Telephone Engineers covering the Carlisle Postcode Area

Clarity Voice & Data Communications Ltd
2 Manse Row

Phone: 016973 20011
Fax: 016973 20011
On-Call Engineer: 07850 476055
Email: clarity@be-clear.co.uk
website: www.be-clear.co.uk


  • We are having major issues with our broadband set up. We have anything from 4-9 computers online at any one time. Our Contract is with Chess, they say there isn’t a problem with the line itself, however we are consistently losing signal to one or all computers.

    Is this something you could help us to diagnose and fix?

    If you could contact us at your convenience that would be great.

    Kind Regards
    Becky Reeve
    01539 822450

  • Jennifer Andrews

    I need someone to look at my master socket on my home phone line as some of my phone sockets aren’t working. Could you look at it for me and what would it cost? Thanks.

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